Upcoming events

    October 2011

  • Various events for Children’s Book Festival – do get in touch if you’d like to book me for an event.

Information about author visits to schools and libraries is available from my website, or you can always email me.

4 responses to “Upcoming events

  • Richie Naughton

    Hi Claire,
    Im looking to enroll my daughter in a creative writing class. She is 9 going on 10.
    I was looking on inkwells page and came across your website, im aware you do the summercamp.
    However i was looking on your site and didn’t see a kids course or a weekly class for kids.
    do you enroll kids all the time?
    if so can you mail me back
    if not can you recommend anyone.
    Im in dublin

    Richie Naughton

  • jakemoylan

    Hi Claire. My name is Jake. I’m new to wordpress so please forgive any…newness mistakes. I just scrolled by your page and noticed i almost took up a course in the big smoke writting factory, and also almost was present when you were doing the kilkenny writers weekend. i like your page, your taste in TV and tea. I would be (very vaguely) classed as a young reader and cannot wait to get a chance to read some of your stuff.

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