Quick heads-up…

Teenagers who are into their writing – I’m doing a creative writing masterclass at the Mountains to Sea festival in September, and also a creative writing workshop for the Cashel Arts Festival in November.

Also, I am interviewed over this way – at the YAPS blog. A snippet:

What are your feelings on the health of YA writing compared to, say, ten years ago?
One of the things I’ve noticed is that teenagers, especially older teens, are more likely to be okay with reading YA – I think ten years ago there was still a sense for many people, especially enthusiastic readers, that you read ‘teen fiction’ in your early teens but then very quickly moved on to ‘real’ grown-up books. The field has definitely expanded – there’s always been a range of amazing books published as YA, but I think we’re seeing more per year, and more of those books being noticed by readers.

Delighted that this was confirmed by my experiences this year at CTYI – but that deserves a blog post in itself, methinks.

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