Some links from around the interwebs…

–> Author Susie Day talks about boarding schools in fiction and how they match up to the ones in real life. As someone who always wanted to go to Malory Towers, I nodded an awful lot while reading this.

–> Over at the Irish Gifted Education Blog, a discussion of Irish talent development programmes – why do we only consider some elitist?

–> Jeri Smith-Ready has a teaser for Shine, the third book in the Aura/Zach/ghosts trilogy of wonder and joy – find it here.

–> Great interview with YA author Aimée Carter this way, especially useful on adapting myths, rewriting, and the benefits of studying screenwriting.

–> The History Girls blog, from various authors of historical fiction, has just started up. Well worth checking out.

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2 responses to “Some links from around the interwebs…

  • Margaret

    I subbed in a boarding school for like a week once. It was a Protestant school, which meant that there were some English members of staff and actually a lot of the students had kind of English-sounding names, which made it even more Malory Towers-like. The school was about 400 years old and honestly looked almost like a castle-thick stone walls and all. It didn’t have any towers though! And my classroom was out in a pre-fab and not in the main building. But it was still pretty awesome. I had students say stuff to me like “we were arguing about that in the dorm last night”. And there were assemblies where the principal said stuff like “as I was saying to the borders at breakfast.”

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