Things I have loved on TV recently…

I adore musicals. And television. And Glee. Now, I admit that Glee can be fairly hit-or-miss. There are the episodes which make sense, which pick up on plot points that they’ve been playing with for a while, that reveal something surprising, that do something fantastic. And then there are those that have lots of songs for any old reason, barely nod to continuity, and do gimmicky things with guest stars.

The season 2 finale has many things wrong with it. Oh, so many. But it also has Kurt and Rachel on the Wicked stage doing ‘For Good’.

Five reasons why this made me squeak in delight and then gaze at the screen in a sort of rapt wonder:

2. With the SET!
3. With Kurt and Rachel, so it’s like a sequel to their ‘Defying Gravity’ duet of Season 1.
4. Lea Michele singing Elphaba’s part, completely in the style of Idina Menzel (aka original Elphaba, aka Rachel’s-birth-mom).
5. ‘For Good’ is possibly one of the greatest songs in a musical ever. Oh. Swoon.

But I am also loving, as ever, The Big Bang Theory. Season 4 has just been terrific – so many great episodes, and a bigger focus on the female characters. Every time Penny, Bernadette and Amy get together, it is guaranteed to be delightful.

Oh, Amy Farrah Fowler. Five reasons why she is one of the most fabulous female characters on TV ever:

1. She sometimes gets drunk. And it is the best thing in the universe.
2. “I don’t object to the concept of a deity, but I’m baffled by the notion of one that takes attendance.”
3. She calls Sheldon a “sexy toddler”. It, um, makes sense in context. Sort of.
4. She is totally and hopelessly out of touch with reality, as evidenced by… pretty much everything that emerges from her mouth. And yet…
5. … there is just enough quasi-human-ness in there to make her an empathetic character. Occasionally.

Laughter, musicals, and nerdiness. That seems to sum up the current televisual love.

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