Making A Book

Young readers tend to talk about ‘making’ books. ‘Are you going to make another book?’ ‘Would you ever make a book about…?’ This is often because they have an image of the author as the sole creator of the book – the one who not only writes the book, but prints the pages, binds them, designs the cover, etc.

Still. Does it help us to think about ‘making’ a book instead of ‘writing’ one? We understand that with ‘making’ there are often mistakes and bits that need to be thrown out. ‘Making’ sounds more practical somehow. More doable, maybe. Demystified. More about being lots of different activities instead of just ‘writing’, like planning and thinking and outlining and daydreaming and despairing.

It might be a better way to think about it.

Plus I’d stop gritting my teeth every time I hear the phrase. Because at the moment it just sounds wrong.

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4 responses to “Making A Book

  • James Joseph Emerald

    “Excoose me Cware, but awe you gonna make anover bwook soon?”
    *gritting teeth* “Listen you little freak. I WRITE books, I do not ‘make’ them. Okay? Get that through your stupid child head!”

    Heh, that mental image just popped into my head when I read this. Made me chuckle.

  • maryx4x

    hehe see you’re like me in the way that you get a niggling voice in your head that corrects people’s sentences in your head when they sound incorrect 😛

    You know when you try to get a novel published, do you just send in a script and wait for a respose? 🙂

    • clairehennessy


      Re: trying to get published – first of all do your research, check that the particular publisher accepts unsolicited manuscripts (i.e. stuff they haven’t asked for – a lot of the big ones will deal almost-exclusively with literary agents), also make sure they publish the kind of stuff you’re interested in, then read their submission guidelines. They very rarely want to see the entire book – usually it’s a synopsis plus the first three chapters but do always check!

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