The real meaning of holidays … chocolate.

Is it hypocritical to have abandoned one’s Catholicism yet still be very much in favour of Easter Eggs, and if so, is it more or less hypocritical than Easter being a certain time of year simply to try to lure ye olde pagans in? Things to ponder.

Anyway. In the spirit of Easter Eggs, let me talk about chocolate.

Creme Eggs
‘I can’t eat them, they’re too sweet,’ is what grown-ups are supposed to say about things this sugary and delicious. I don’t want to talk about how many of these I’m capable of eating in a day – it’s embarrassing – but oh they are beautiful. They must be the correct size, though – Creme Egg bars or mini-Creme Eggs are just tragic.

Caramel bars
Whether it’s Cadbury or Galaxy you’re going for, caramel bars are the way to go. Cadbury’s caramel bars are firmer, Galaxy’s are more liquid, and of course you’ve got the different tastes of the chocolate as well. Both glorious in their own way. Caramel Freddos from Cadbury’s are also the way to go for those seeking the liquidy caramel of the Galaxy but the Cadbury’s chocolate – or if you like your chocolate frog-shaped.

After Eights
Mint and dark chocolate, and so thin and gorgeous, the crinkle of the dark chocolate and the sliver of mint fondant… yum. And it’s always after eight o’clock… even if that does mean 8am.

70%+ cocoa bars
I used to be a Bourneville junkie, but now it tastes far too sickly-sweet. If there’s dark chocolate to be had, it should be high-cocoa and bitter. Have heard delightful rumours about antioxidants and one small square a day being good for your health, so that’s always a plus.

Oh, M&Ms. Better than Smarties – milk chocolate from Mars is infinitely superior to that from Nestle – and coming in so many colours. For an added bonus, there are peanut M&Ms – but never the crispy ones. Never.

Mars Ice-Cream
Mars ice-cream bars are far better than Mars bars, because they’ve merged the tedious nougat bit with the ice-cream, giving it a denser, chewier texture than ice-creams usually do, but still sufficiently light and summery. Plus it benefits from being based on a chocolate bar – much as I love Feasts, for example, the quality of the chocolate is always disappointing.

Chocolate mousse
Is there a better breakfast dessert than chocolate mousse? I think not. Some may say chocolate cake, but they are wrong.

And now an important question: chocolate biscuits, a way of incorporating chocolate into your day, guilt-free, or a waste of perfectly good chocolate?

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10 responses to “The real meaning of holidays … chocolate.

  • Janice

    lol I ❤ this post.

    I agree with everything you said and more. Good dark chocolate with tea is bliss. I've gone 80%, but it was a wee bit bitter. 🙂 Lidl have the best selection.

    I've been known to eat six Creme Eggs in a day (must be from the fridge), and don't even get me started about the Creme Egg chocolate bars…

    With biscuits it depends on the brand. Crunchie and Caramel are trying too hard and get it wrong, but Twix gets it right.

  • Rachel

    omg, Cadbury Creme Eggs!! I made my girlfriend try them last Easter and she was horrified when I explained that the creme is colored to resemble an egg white/yolk. She thinks Creme Eggs are gross but is addicted to Cadbury Mini-Eggs, yet somehow we make it work.

  • Margaret

    *laughs* I don’t think it’s hypocritical. Nothing wrong with just celebrating chocolate! Probably more hypocritical for those of us who profess to be practising Catholics to be focussing more on the chocolate than on the religious aspect of the day. Though I do like the Easter Vigil Mass too.

    And I utterly LOVE After Eights. They are probably my favourite chocolate. Not a fan of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs

  • Laura Cassidy

    I love this post! Of course, because of my allergy most chocolate gives me at best a dull headache, at worst partial and temporary loss of sight, but I do like the odd After Eight!

    I had to give up biscuits, as I used to have one every time I had a cup of tea, which was not good.

    Happy Easter!

    • clairehennessy

      It saddens me that something as lovely as chocolate can produce such miserable reactions.

      I’m not mad about the oul’ biscuits but they are very addictive once you start…

  • Elizabeth

    No way! Crispy M&M’s are amazing. But you can’t get them in the States anymore.

    I really only like the inside of Cadbury Creme Eggs. I mean, I could eat chocolate at any time, but yolk- and albumen-colored sugary fondant … now that’s unusual.

    • clairehennessy

      >> but yolk- and albumen-colored sugary fondant … now that’s unusual. <<

      And delicious. And addictive. I think possibly why I resent the mini-Creme Eggs is that the fondant just isn't as good, and the fondant-to-chocolate ratio is off.

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