Mostly sending you elsewhere, really…

As of last month, I can be found occasionally yammering over at the Anti-Room, including in today’s group post on that day that happens in the middle of February each year.

My writerly Facebook page lives here, should you spend time over at that dangerous-yet-oh-so-alluring time-suck-of-doom.

The fabulous Irish writing resource site has gone live, run by Vanessa O’Loughlin of Inkwell Writers’ Workshops, and well worth poking around both today and as it continues to be updated. You can find a ‘day in the life’ piece by yours truly here, though I will put my hand up and confess to getting neither morning-writing nor morning-yoga done this particular Monday.

And also tips on writing YA fiction, including creating playlists (my annotated ‘getting in touch with your inner teen’ playlist lives here.)

And now back to work!

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