The writing life; the reading life

Two links:

I really like this post by YA writer Lara M Zeises (aka Lola Douglas) on the ‘working writer’ life. So much of what’s out there on the interwebs about writing is about ‘how to make it a career’ rather than ‘how to love doing it’, and it’s refreshing to see an honest take about one can sometimes mean giving up the other.

And also: YA author Barry Lyga on his year of not reading kids’ books. Reading within your field when it’s kidlit is slightly different from reading within a genre field, I think – it’s a different set of parameters (there’s such a wide range of genres in children’s fiction, but then a narrow range of ages for the protagonists) but it’s always worth looking at your own default settings and trying to push beyond the boundaries of what you’d normally read.

I’m keeping writing- and reading-related things in mind when developing New Year’s resolutions (as far as I’m concerned, 2011 properly begins January 4th, after the weekend and bank holiday – who in their right mind can start all that energetic self-improvement jazz on the 1st?) – how to benefit most from what you’re writing and reading, while still keeping the love.

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