Favourite YA Books of 2010

That time of year for yearly round-ups, so…. here are my favourite twelve YA books of 2010. With some bonus statistics.

Short story collections: 1
Collaborations: 1
Single-author novels: 10

Dystopian: 3
Contemporary/realistic: 6
Suspense: 1
Paranormal/dead narrator: 2

Authors I’d read before: 4.5
Authors new to me: 7.5

Books I saw being fussed over and hyped up: 4
Books I would have liked to have seen more hyped up: 8

And the list itself…

Ally Condie – Matched
Caragh M O’Brien – Birthmarked
Deb Caletti – The Six Rules of Maybe
Emily Horner – A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend
Gemma Malley – The Legacy
Holly Schindler – A Blue So Dark
Jandy Nelson – The Sky Is Everywhere
Jeri Smith-Ready – Shade
John Green & David Levithan – Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Keith Gray (ed.) – Losing It
Lauren Oliver – Before I Fall
Rebecca James – Beautiful Malice

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2 responses to “Favourite YA Books of 2010

  • Eimear

    Great list! I have a proof of Beautiful Malice somewhere, must dig it out. Hadn’t realised it was YA. Is it good?

    Note to self: keep list of all books read in 2011 …

    • clairehennessy

      Have seen it marketed as and referred to YA, though the packaging makes it look like a glossy celebrity tell-all/crime/bonkbuster sort of thing. Very strange. The book is terrific, however – very readable psychological thriller about a young mother looking back on an intense and disturbing friendship.

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