A list of listiness!

I added this to my about page, then realised perhaps it deserved a post of its own.

Things Claire likes in books:
(In various book-review posts I have alluded to a list of shiny ‘n’ exciting things in books that make me more likely to buy and/or enjoy a book. Up until now it has been a hypothetical list. But no longer…)

  • boarding schools
  • time travel
  • fairytale adaptations
  • characters who are writers
  • historical settings (ones I am vaguely familiar with)
  • summer camp
  • characters who are otherwise artistic (visual arts, drama, music etc)
  • footnotes
  • dystopias
  • ‘problem novels’ for young adults
  • school or college being a large part of the story
  • lots of literary or other pop-culture references
  • lots of flirting
  • complicated relationships
  • legal battles as long as they are written by Jodi Picoult
  • rounded adult characters appearing in YA books
  • identifying-as-feminist characters
  • academia, ideally as written by David Lodge
  • jealous characters
  • female teenage characters with actual not-punished-for-it sexual desires
  • books set in Trinity College, Dublin
  • smart ‘chick-lit’
  • analytical characters
  • humour
  • I’m sure there are things I’ve forgotten and will need to add at a later stage, but here be the list as it exists now.

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