Bits ‘n’ bobs

Laura has an interesting post about writers of teenage fiction and responsibility, particularly when making claims about what their book does… worth reading.

Over at Wonders & Marvels, there’s a post called Looking for Louis (the XIV, that is) and visiting Versailles, which I found intriguing. I spent Easter Sunday at Versailles, and that phrase “some visceral evidence of his extraordinary existence” resonates with me. I am not particularly obsessed with kings and queens, but Versailles is in some ways deeply disappointing on the historical front (though very pretty), with the crowds and the decontextualised paintings and the lack of a sense of real history (whatever that even means, though, right?). My favourite point was the audioguide noting the door Marie Antoinette went through to hide from the crazy women back in October 1789, the door, that door, that one right there. There we go, that’s the point where artefact meets event.

Finally…this looks kinda nifty, people in the Dublin area. Science meets knitting!

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