Still on 2009 books read, and suspect I will be for a while… 🙂

Adele Geras – Happy Ever After (the Egerton Hall trilogy)
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This is a three-in-one (oh, how I love three-in-ones) collection, including The Tower Room, Watching the Roses, and Pictures of the Night. Bella, Alice and Megan share the Tower Room at Egerton Hall, a boarding school, and the three stories, one narrated by each of the girls, follows them through their final year and afterwards. And each story is based on a fairytale, though the world is very firmly grounded in reality, and I utterly loved seeing how the fairytale elements were included in these stories. (Yes yes, fairytale retellings (at least partially) set in a boarding school. How could I not love these books? It helps that they’re beautifully written, and that the characterisation is skilful, and… that they’re fairytale retellings set in a boarding school. Oh, happy sigh.)

Adele Geras – silent snow, secret snow
Author’s website / Find it at Amazon
And this was purchased immediately after finishing Happy Ever After, as I was in need of another Adele Geras fix. (And one that wasn’t based on classical mythology.) It’s a lovely, slim, strange book about a family full of secrets snowed in over Christmas. Marketed as YA, but handles the adult characters wonderfully too.

Elizabeth Mosier – My Life As A Girl
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Nice elegant read about a girl’s first year at college, interspersed with flashbacks to the summer before, and the boy before, who turns up one day.

Siobhan Vivian – Same Difference
Author’s website / Find it at Amazon
Summer art school. I am such, such a sucker for summer camp stories, whether it’s sleepaway camp or a summer programme. I love the heroine, Emily, and the not quite fitting in at the art thing initially, and making friends with the super-artsy Fiona, and the balance between finding new friends without completely dismissing the old ones, and the anxiety over creativity and art. Really enjoyed this book.

In other news, I have this year (for the first time in maybe fifteen years) have one of those tear-off-the-page calendars, with the charming little nuggets of pseudo-wisdom for each day that I actually adore even though they are super-cheesy. And Friday’s one in particular: For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe. I like it.

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