Ah, holidays.

I had a dream. I had a lovely wonderful dream that I would be so terribly organised that my Christmas holidays could begin on December 15th (right after finishing my last class and finishing up the paperwork for it) and then I could do some nice organising-of-teaching-resources that I’ve been saying to myself I ‘really must do’ for the past couple of years, and instead I’ve spent December at the sort of low-level sickness that lets you go and teach for a couple of hours and then go home and collapse and not do very much of All The Other Things One Should Be Doing. So on December 23rd I decided I was taking Christmas holidays, and a lot of Lemsip.

And still I have the guilt, for which I blame the ol’ Catholic upbringing. Plus the same cough/cold combo I’ve had for weeks. (I’ve just started watching House, in which there is much Ominous Coughing, so there’s a lot of self-diagnosis/hypochondria going on during the viewing process.) I think among my 2010 goals will be to actually learn how to take time off without feeling guilty, even though a little voice in my head is saying “but then you will get nothing done, and become lazy and unmotivated and useless!” Quiet, little voice! Quiet!

This could get a lot more neurotic, but let’s have a pretty segue into dream furniture… I really want a chair that is also a bookcase. Sadly, do not think any Irish shops stock such a thing of wonder. But I love the idea of a bookcase chair. Possibly more in theory than actuality.

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3 responses to “Ah, holidays.

  • Samantha

    nice info, i will visit this site more often…
    thanks for the informations from this blog…

    Happy Holiday Everyone…..

  • Ellen B

    Ah, the joy of House.

    And the hell, when you realise you have an odd ache in one elbow and a slight redness on the opposite knee and someone ALMOST DIED of that last week and then you start frantically Googling ‘sarcoidosis’ and other words that you half-remember from the entire series.

    • clairehennessy

      It has also made me very reluctant to ever trust doctors, ever. Because clearly the one true way of dealing with patients is to misdiagnose, prescribe things that make them rapidly worse, engage in incredibly ethically and morally dubious activities to eventually get the right diagnosis, stop a drastic surgery at the last minute, and send them on their way (sans psychological support)…

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