New Malory Towers books?!

There are apparently new Malory Towers books in existence! By Pamela Cox, who did write those dreadful including-boys inserts into the St Clare’s series, but from what I can tell they feature Felicity (Felicity Rivers! Little Felicity!) and her year an awful lot (June! Susan!) as well as return appearances from those famous horsey spinsters *cough* Bill and Clarissa, and Gwen and Darrell and all the rest. This is the first of what seems to be six (six!) new adventures of the Malory Towers girls.

I’m torn, readers, I truly am. On the one hand – it’s not Blyton. On the other hand, it’s not that scary German version where Darrell ends up as Matron (at least I hope not). On the other other hand, it’s new Malory Towers stories, and I do adore Malory Towers beyond reason. So. Let’s see how terrible they turn out to be… or wonderful.

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6 responses to “New Malory Towers books?!

  • Helen Corcoran

    Yes, when they first started coming in, I had a long blank moment of squinting at the new numbers before I realised what was going on. They’re entertaining enough, though you can tell within seconds that Blyton didn’t write them.

    And of course Bill and Clarissa are spinsters. 😉

    • clairehennessy

      Was amused to see talk of Bill and Clarissa going to bed in book #8, only to discover that apparently they have separate bedrooms. In the house that they share next to the business that they share in their very spinstery straight way. Ahem.

      Also, lovely lady, am head-explodingly snowed under these days, but I will have werewolf feedback back to you at some point! (What I’ve read is terrific, btw.)

      • Helen Corcoran

        No worries, I’m just glad you’re liking it so far. (I admit, I had a few paralyzing stray thoughts of “oh god, she hates it and is trying to think how to let me down easy…”)

        I am rapidly reaching the point where I can’t keep a coherent conversation going at work. (I don’t want a repeat of last weekend ever again.) Will probably not finish the draft at this rate until I’m actually home during Christmas, but at least I’ll have plenty of time!

  • Margaret

    Yeah, I’m sort of torn too. On the one hand, new Mallory Towers books!! On the other hand, I’m not too impressed with the way people are writing new sequels to all these books. Have you heard of The Famous Five ones? Don’t know if you were ever into The Famous Five. These are meant to be about the children of the original members, but they have laptops and things. If the Famous Five were preteens in the ’40s and ’50s, their children should have been growing up in about the 70s, not the 21st century. And they all have these really American names and stuff, that aren’t anything like the kind of names the Famous Five would chose for their children.

    I was in Limerick yesterday and took a look at the Mallory Towers books. The shops had a couple of the new ones, so I took a quick look at them. The impression I got was that they’re a good deal truer to the originals than the follow ups to The Famous Five or St. Clare’s.

    • clairehennessy

      I was never as into the Famous Five as the Blyton school stories, but oh good grief, you can’t have laptops in Blytonland! OBVIOUSLY it’s far easier for children to defeat smugglers when technology is involved, sheesh!

      The Malory Towers sequels are very faithful to the originals, though. You can tell that they’re not Blyton, but they’re an awful lot better than any other Blyton sequels I’ve seen (including Cox’s St Clare’s books).

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