Another week

So there was Cork, where there were library visits and talks. I like doing them, especially when they go really well – I had a couple of really-and-truly lovely groups and they were an absolute joy, time flew by – but they are slightly tiring sometimes. Then teaching all day Saturday, and off to a lovely girls’ night in at a friend’s, and then watching the last third of Grey’s Anatomy Season 5, which I’d missed most of last year, on DVD.

Which was possibly far too much melodrama for one day, but oh gosh. That season finale! I adore the new characters brought in during S5 though – and Wikipedia has just told me that Kevin McKidd was in Father Ted and now I really want to rewatch that episode because I can’t imagine him not being Owen Hunt with all his angst and pain and fascinatingness. And Arizona! Oh, Arizona who roller-skates and is cute and perky and fabulous at her job and kisses Callie. I am not sure which of them I love more. And Meredith being slightly more well-adjusted than usual (but I do adore Meredith, more than is reasonable according to many people) and Derek being a brat. (So very much not a McDreamy fan.) Good times.

And now it is Monday and it’s another week and saying “it’s been a long week” seems slightly ridiculous and absurd when it’s only just begun. So I’ll stop yammering now, methinks…

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