Children’s Book Festival, and other ramblings

So somehow it’s October, which means Children’s Book Festival, which means I’m in Cork later this week, visiting various libraries, and doing the same in Meath next week. And also had the Bubblegum Club Book Bash last Saturday, which was very cool and wonderful and there were chicken nuggets. (“Miss, you can go ahead in the line if you’re looking for real food. This is just chicken nuggets and chips.” “Yes. And?”)

Judi Curtin, Don Conroy and Marita Conlon-McKenna read. Derek Landy was fabulousness personified and wants to marry Snow White. Sarah Webb, organiser extraordinaire (and creator of Aunt Clover! Yes, I read the Amy Green books purely for Clover) sings enthusiastically. David Maybury draws balloon-authors expertly. And Sarah Rees Brennan really and truly can’t be unspoilery. Very fun book-lovery day and I got chatting to some lovely reader-y types too. Yay!

Same day we had our Big Smoke moment of newsworthiness with this piece in the Irish Times Magazine. In which tea was correctly identified as the tie that binds us.

I’m still not sure how it’s October. October is a month with a lot happening. CTYI classes start back in October. I have Song and Writing at the end of the month. It’s October, and I don’t know how that happened. I want to make lists. Lists for here. Of various kinds of favourite books. I also want to, you know, write stuff. Might be an idea. So lists may have to wait ’til, oh, 2010. 2012. Whenever.

(Hi and welcome to the new blog, by the way!)

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8 responses to “Children’s Book Festival, and other ramblings

  • Margaret

    Marita Conlon-McKenna was my favourite author for a while when I was about 11 or 12. This was back just after Under the Hawthorn Tree came out.

    Yeah, half the reason I’m commenting is just to see how these blogs work. Seems pretty cool.

  • clairehennessy

    Those books were huge! And approved-of-by-teachers! So still slightly surreal that she’s an Alive Author you can talk to. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One thing I do like about WordPress is that it’s a little easier for everyone to comment: Livejournal can be a bit of an effort for non-LJ users as they have to keep identifying themselves in the comment, rather than put in name + email elsewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Whatcha think?)

    • Margaret

      Yeah, I like that about it. It gives me an identity, without the need for a livejournal. And I doubt there’s anybody who doesn’t have an e-mail. *grin*

      • clairehennessy

        And if so, how can they possibly live in this crazy modern world of ours? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Margaret

        Yeah. I was at an interview today and they started asking me about using the internet during my degree, and I was like “well, that was in the days when the internet was a lot slower, so while we did use it, it wasn’t to the extent we would today”. I graduated in 2002! It’s kind of scary how technology has increased in that short a time.

        When I started college, I’d say about half the students had mobile phones. We used to be arguing about whose turn it was to answer the pay phones by the common room. And queuing up to phone home. And the internet in the college was so slow that it used to take like 20 minutes just to open my e-mail account. I used to just check my e-mails at home at the weekends. Imagine now only checking e-mails like once a week!

  • Eimear Ryan

    The Times article is lovely. Except for when they start attributing your quotes in the manner of “says one” and “says another” – as though you’re all one big girly tea-toting entity. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Being likened to Hermione, though? Awe. Some.

    • clairehennessy

      Hee, we did turn into a collective brain a couple of times during that session. I do like that Yvonne’s quote about harpooning ideas down got in though.

      It is slightly disgraceful the number of people who saw that and went ‘omg so TRUE’ at me. I’m going to have to start carrying around a copy of Hogwarts: A History with me.

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